Scenario Clan
[SC], SC, SC Clan
Clan languages English, Spanish (de facto)
! Government Constitutional Oligarchy
Type Council
House Type Bicameral
Houses Council and Secondary Council
Members Several dozen
Last chief law Constitution of the Scenario Clan since January 28, 2008
Meeting place Online
Web site
The Scenario Clan (often known as SC, [SC], or the SC Clan) is a gaming clan dedicated to the Real-Time Strategy game Rise of Nations. Its members play and create scenarios. The clan was created in 2003 as a triumvirate under the leadership of the well-known players Bern1001, General Naz, and Unh. The clan peaked as the largest clan in Rise of nations from 2006 to 2008. After clan wars, leadership problems, and declining membership the once large clan has become near defunct.