Commander-in-Chief of the Scenario Clan
Assumed office 
Late 2008
Preceded by Administration

Scenario Clan Administrator
In office
April 8, 2008 – Late 2008
Preceded by Councils
Succeeded by Commander-in-Chief (Himself)

[SC]Bern is the commander-in-chief and leader of the Scenario Clan. He was one of the three orginal founders of the Scenario Clan in 2003. Although the government officially and technically remains a triumvirate [SC]Bern ruled alone for a large part of the clans history. [SC]Bern’s administration saw the SC grow to Rise of Nations largest clan and he also designed many successful scenarios. [SC]Bern’s rule remains extremely controversial. Under his rule the clan reached record numbers for clan membership. Scenario gaming became more popular than normal matches for a short period of time as well. [SC]Bern is also well known for the leadership problems leading to the clans decline. [SC]Bern refused to adopt any type of clan constitution and started many clan wars before leaving Rise of nations.