The Leadership of the Scenario Clan has changed dramatically over its course. The first method of leadership was Supreme Leader, a dictatorship, with a Council taking its place, which is an oligarchy.

Supreme LeaderEdit


In office Unknown-Dec. 2007/Jan. 2008
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Office abolished
Location West London, England, United Kingdom[1]
See also: Supreme Leader and SC Mujahadine

The first form of leadership of the Scenario Clan was the title of Supreme Leader. The only leader under this form of leadership was [SC]_Mujahadine, after which a Council succeeded him. This leadership was a dictatorship.[2]


Councils of the Scenario Clan
Type Bicameral
Houses Council and Secondary Council
Members [SC]ottc32020, [SC]RedFlame, and [SC]General_Johnson (Council)

[SC]Stewie and [SC]Rasputin (Secondary Council)

Meeting place Online
Web site
See also: Council and Secondary Council

The Council and Secondary Council of the Scenario Clan were a leadership form of the clan. The Council consisted of the three members, [SC]ottc32020, [SC]RedFlame, and [SC]General_Johnson. This type of leadership is a constitutional oligarchy.[3] The Council took power from Muja after his long absence.[citation needed] They approved a Constitution, which added rules and a Secondary Council, consisting of [SC]Stewie and [SC]Rasputin.[4]


Administrators of the Scenario Clan
Type Administration
Members [SC]ottc32020, [SC]Bern, and [SC]General_Johnson
Meeting place Online
Web site

On April 8, 2008, the Councils were disestablished and the role of leadership is left in some extent to administrators. [SC] Bern is the last remaining administrator in SC and has now assumed leadership of the clan



In office Late 2008-
Preceded by Administration

Recent Well Being of the ClanEdit

After the disestablishment of the Council, [SC] Bern assumed leadership of the clan as the last remaining administrator of the clan. However, no new governments or leaderships have been formed since. As there are some members from the early days of the clan, such as [SC]hoagieman who is fit for leader, with many new members who have filled the clan. Even though some old members return for very brief periods of time, there are only a handful of SC members that operate the function of the clan.