Constitution of the Scenario Clan
Full text of the Constitution of the Scenario Clan
Created Began week of January 20; final version finished January 28, 2008
Ratified January 28, 2008
Legality ended April 8, 2008
Location Online, no physical original
Authors [SC]ottc32020, assisted by [SC]General_Johnson
Signers [SC]ottc32020, [SC]RedFlame, [SC]General_Johnson
Purpose Order, functionality, and goverance of the Scenario Clan

The Constitution of the Scenario Clan was the chief law of governance of the Scenario Clan. The Constitution states the form of governance as a constitutional oligarchy, and this is done through the Council and Secondary Council. The document also states the process of clan decisions, the process of impeachment, and the process of removal from the clan. It was made after the formation of the Council, following the absence of Supreme Leader [SC]_Mujahadine. The Constitution was created during the week of January 22, through the date of its ratification was on January 28, 2008. It ended after the new government administration took power from the Council.

Sections of the ConstitutionEdit

The Constitution consists of a preamble, 5 sections, and a sentence indicating its passage by the Council.


The Preamble states

We the people of the Scenario Clan (i.e. SC, SC Clan) of Rise of Nations, in order to create an effective leadership for the People, and to ensure stability of the Clan, do hereby establish this Constitution for the SC Clan.

The preamble merely specifies the reasoning for the creation of the Constitution and does not grant any powers within itself.

Section 1Edit


Top image shows how in votes prior to the Constitution there was only the Council and each member had one vote. Bottom image shows after the Constitution that in some votes the Council has a full vote, while with the Secondary Council each member has a half-vote.

Section 1 establishes the Council and Secondary Council of the Scenario Clan, and their powers. It states that a member of the Council should be known as a Council Member, if a permanent member, and an Acting Council Member, if it is the Executive Secondary Council Member acting as a Council Member. The Constitution also states that a member of the Secondary Council should be known as a Secondary Council Member, and as a Executive Council Member, if designated that position. It also establishes that in some cases that the Secondary Council should have a half-vote, compared to a full vote of council. However, in some cases there must be 50% approval by Secondary Council Members, or they may have no vote at all. This section also designates the government form as a constitutional oligarchy.

Section 2Edit

Section 2 states that the Council, and in some cases the Secondary Council, shall make all decisions of the Scenario Clan, or decision-making processes. This can be done as long as it does not violate the Constitution, and the decisions are of the clan, not of individual members. It also repeats that in all cases not stated that votes should be approved by 50% of the Council, with half-voting of the Secondary Council. It also states a freedom of speech, excluding open severe criticism of the clan as a whole, or that their opinion is that of the whole clan when this is false, when this has not been approved through a decision-making process.

Section 3Edit

Section 3 states the process of declaring war or any other official status of the clan as a whole. The declaration of war must be approved by an unanimous vote of the Council, though not the Secondary Council. The same must be done for any other official status of the clan as a whole.

Section 4Edit

Section 4 states that the impeachment of a member of the Council or Secondary Council and/or removal from the clan must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Council and at least 50% of the Secondary Council, excluding the member being impeached or removed from office. It states the grounds for impeachment and removal from the clan, though must be more severe, are that the member

a) Betrayed the Clan

b) Betrayed any of the Major Rules of the Clan, as deemed by the Council

c) Any other Severe offense by the member, as deemed by the Council and Secondary Council

Section 5Edit

Section 5 states that any amendment to the Constitution must be approved by a unanimous vote of the Council and at least 50% of the Secondary Council.